Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Premium Domain?

    Premium Domains are Domain Names that have already been registered and are now For Sale on the Market. They are often shorter, more memorable Names that are made up of usually High Traffic Keywords and Search Terms, and are often called High Quality Aftermarket Domains. At we Only List The Best Google and Search Engine friendly Names possible... Short, Simple, Brandable, Massive 'Search Indexed' Keywords that can help Your Business have an Edge over your Competitors.

  • Who is is an Online Seller of Premium Aftermarket Domain Names. These Names are 'Hand Picked' for Quality, Brandability and for the Massive Generic Keyword each One represents. We specialize in Amazing 2 word Names and niches such as 24, 247, 365, 411, 123, and the Finest & Largest Portfolio of 360 .com Names in the World.

  • How do I buy a Domain?

    You Buy a Name by making an offer on the Name and then you will receive a 'Buy Now' price for the Name. Some Names listed already have 'Buy Now' prices. Once both parties have agreed upon a price for a Domain, then the Transaction will begin. Transactions are handled through or and for Names less than $3,000 they can be handled through PayPal if desired.

  • How much do I Offer? Only Lists High Quality Premium Domain Names. Prices are based on the Traffic of the Keyword, how many other extensions are registered by other people and the Brandability of the Name. Our Names can Help Your Business have an Edge over your Competitors. Imagine what that is Worth.

  • Are Transactions Secure?

    Transactions are 100% Secure 100% of the time. No Transactions take place directly on Transactions under $3,000 can be handled through PayPal if desired. All other Transactions are handled exclusively through or

  • How long do Transactions take?

    Transactions can take place same day if the Transaction is under $3,000 and you wish to use PayPal to deposit funds. Transactions using can happen within 3-5 Business days if you deposit the funds right away. Transactions can take from 5-7 Business days.

  • Will I Own the Domain Name?

    Absolutely! Once the Transaction is complete you will Own the Domain Name 100% and have Total control of the Name to do with it as you desire. You have the Option for the Domain Name to be at your Own GoDaddy Account or any other Registrar you wish to Transfer the Name to. Simple annual Domain Registration renewal fees always apply to every Domain Name in the World.

  • Can I get an Invoice?

    Yes. Transactions handled through PayPal will receive an Invoice from Us. Transactions done through or will have an Invoice from them, and if desired, we can send you another one from Us.